The Supreme Alphabet – The Only Letters That Mattered.

A few days ago, the concept of The Five-Percent Nation popped into my mind, and I decided to do some research into the teaching and beliefs of this small, yet powerful sub-religion. A lot of their beliefs struck a cord in me, but the aspect of this faith that stuck out to me the most was the Supreme Alphabet.

Built as as means and system to interpret the text in the original 120 Lesson by the honorable prophet Elijah Muhammad and Wallace Fard Muhammad, the Supreme Alphabet is the religious belief system of the Nation of Gods and Earth or NOGE. The Supreme Alphabet is a tool that NGO use to find deeper meaning in the letters by assigning meanings to the letters of the Roman alphabet. It was in my search that I found this alphabet and was moved by a few of the letters, some of which I decided to share with you today:

  • (H)—He or Her: those who have the power to build or destroy based on their level of intelligence.
  • (Q)—Queen: a woman who has knowledge of self
  • (W)—Wisdom:(Woman) wisdom is the component of knowledge, while the understanding brings about a clear picture of both through the eye of true understanding.
  • (X)—Unknown: Equality is unknown to man everywhere who do not know themselves (85%ers)
  • (Z)—Zig-Zag-Zig: from Knowledge to Wisdom to Understanding

Now take these letters as you want, but to me these stuck out tremendously. They helped formulate a whirlwind of thought processes in my mind, and made me for a minute, just stop, think and mediate on what exactly I had just read. The concept was so simply, but also made so much sense. I think I needed to read this, at this exact point in my life, especially with the current transition that I’m going through.

Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion, that people will do whatever they need to do, to help them get through life. The names may differ, but at the end of the day, the concepts, base teaching and foundations are all the same. They all have the same goals: be a better person, do good deeds, reach higher enlightenment, and live a life of peace in the afterlife. It is my goal, to keep searching, and find the similarities, differences, and missing links between all of these various faiths. I’m sure I’m treading on very rocky waters, but what’s life without a little curiosity and taking a chance, right Icarus? *the smart ones will get that joke, the slow ones can research it later*

I’ve taken on the task of staying open-minded and finding my own truth, using from each religion what I like, need and helps me to become the person that I’m aiming to be. It is my job and goal to let Rain flourish and grow into something bigger than myself. I look forward to the growth, knowledge and insight that I gain as I continue to move from a state of religious illiteracy to a state of enlightenment. I hope you all enjoy and take this journey along with me.

~Namaste – Rain


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