Random Acts of Kindness

A simple gesture – acknowledgement, saying “having a nice day, holding the door open, allowing a person to go first – makes all the difference. 

Taking a moment, an hour, a minute, a second, out of your day to perform a kind act for another individual sparks a wave of change. You create positive energy, energy that stays with that person until they pass it onto the next person that they come on contact with. Energy that creates a spark in that new person, thus creating a domino effect. *cues imagery of a person creating a train of dominos stacked up, and watching them push the first domino, which leads to the ones beind it falling down, until the very last one hits the floor.*

It’s all about recognizing that you’re not the only person in the world, recognizing that each person has their own life. Each person has their own experience, their own struggle, recognize that yours may be similar or different to their own. Recognize and know that simple acts can help take a persons mind off their troubles and make their day 10x better.

Never be so self-absorbed that you forget to look at those around you, whether you know them or not. Never be so self-centered that you let your problems be the only problems that you see. You are not the center of the world, other people matter!

Now I’m not saying do everything for those around you. Im not saying become selfless, no, I’m not saying that at all, like everything in life there should be a balance, so be sure to find your own personal balance between how much you cater to others and yourself.

What I am saying is random acts of kindness make a huge difference, random acts of kindness are needed. In a world where people are so busy and consumed in their own lives and problems, we need a moment to have an out of body experience and look at the world around us. A moment to stop, think, and see those around us, actually see them for who they are. See them, acknowledge them, and appreciate them…whether you know them or not.

Its all about sparking change and making a positve impact on society. Take a moment and perform a random act of kindness, you have no idea how much of a difference one can make.


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