I saw my life today. I saw that everything that I wanted to do was obtainable. I saw that I was the roadblock stopping me from accomplishing all of those things.

And it struck me.. how many people are going through the same thing? How many people are in this downward spiral in their life and can’t seem to find their way out? How many people are scared to make the leap, so they become complacent and settle for mediocrity? How many people look for their escape in drugs/alcohol.. and instead of accepting the truth about themselves, dive deeper into the rabbit’s hole, and lose their means of getting out?

I sat and imagined.. and at the end of my thought, I realized that the answers to everything that we have ever wanted or needed, have always been inside of us.

We just become so lost, so cluttered, and so stressed with our lives that we forget to take time out for ourselves. We forget to put us first. And in lieu of those actions, we forget who we are, who we are ment to be and get off track with our lives. (While I do acknowledge that everything happens for a reason, I also state that sometimes we can change those things. We are in control of our destinies . We decided our life’s path. We have free will. We simply need to learn self-discipline and conquer our what-if’s) …

Regardless, I encourage everyone to take time out for themselves and to really get in touch with who they are as a person. Figure out who you are, why you like certain things and why you are as you are at your truest being. Rediscover your self.

Life is too short to be anyone but the person that you want to be.

Wake Up.


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