Black Women: The Epicenter of the Black Community

There’s a saying that states “a woman’s work is never done”, I think that doubles if the woman is African American.

It can be seen in modern times, dating back to ancient ones that women have always been the glue that holds a family together. They birth the children, tend to the man, manage the house (or fields), provide support & words of wisdom and nurture family and friends with food and spirituality. They are the greatest of superheroes, managing to balance the cape, gender stereotypes, lesser pay, misogyny, a bag of wonders used to be equip for every situation and multiple hats that help them to always get the job done. You then add on the anchor that comes with the subtlety of hidden racism, and you begin to truly think they are magic and wonder how she could ever fly.

I have looked at the power of my mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins and marveled at how they have managed to hold the world up for everyone else, and also themselves. The more I stared the more I prayed these precious gems wouldn’t crack under the pressures of life, and every time they’ve astonished me by becoming stronger and shining more. Women, black women, have always been able to make a feast out of scraps, see the faintest of lights in the darkest of rooms and muster up the internal/external strength that would make Samson jealous. All of this while life continues to take from us what we give to the world… which may at times be our children (both now and in the past), our body, our uniqueness, our beauty.. and if we let it, our spirit.

We have supported, uplifted and nurtured everyone that we’ve come into contact with, and for that we are always needed, but rarely appreciated. This post serves as a reminder to the world, and especially the black community that you would be nothing without us, and it is time we are appreciated and loved for the greatness that we are.

This stated, black women it is also time that we do the same for ourselves as we request from the world. We cannot expect to be adored and acknowledged externally , if we aren’t putting the same energy internally. Now is the time to love, take care and build up ourselves. Tell yourselves that you are beautiful, go to the salon, take a bubble bath, take the day off and do the things that make your heart jump for joy. We can no longer continue to take care of everyone in our lives, and neglect ourselves. Just because we can, dosen’t mean that we should.

Our lives are are more than working 24/7 for our bosses, significant others, friends, family and acquaintances, because we feel obligated to have everything that we touch turn to gold. Black women, this magical touch is also for our benefit. Flourish. Remove what no longer serves you. Practice self-care daily. Love yourself. Take a break. Breathe. Love yourself some more. Know your worth. ..and even when you don’t feel like it, remind yourself that you deserve love, respect, autonomy, individuality, the right to pursue your dreams and the right to say “NO!”, and let that be a full sentence.

We no longer have to limit or explain ourselves for the connivence of other. Take up as much room as you want. Use the energy that you conjure up to help the rest of the world to change your own to match your vision. You deserve it.





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