The Autobiography


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(Artist pseudonym) Rain is a lover of all things involving black culture, theology, health and the arts.

She believes that holistic living provides a great roadmap on how one should live their life.

Noticing the decline in health and limited positive representation in the black community, Rain decided to do her part to address the issue.

Thus Black Vitality was created.

She created this blog to inform those on their journey to living a holistic lifestyle and encourage members of the black community to seek and maintain a lifestyle where health is maintained by contributions from mother earth and not simply modern day medicine.

She hopes you find that Black Vitality gives you strength, insight and inspiration as you take your own journey to taking back your health.

At the same rate, she also hopes that the blog helps teach members of the black community about their past so that they can create a better future.

The black artist is dangerous. Black art controls the “Negro’s” reality, negates negative influences, and creates positive images.“— Dr. Sonia Sanche




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